Technique MEBP®

Technique MEBP® is a massage designed for children with anxiety disorder, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder, etc. Therapists who have completed the training have the necessary knowledge to adapt both the massage techniques and the environment in which the massage is offered to meet the needs of this clientele. The expertise and skills developed by the therapist allow an ease with interact and communicate with the client.

  • Provides a better awareness of their bodies
  • Helps concentration and improves reception
  • Helps manage anxiety and anger
  • Decreases the effects of stress on the body
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Increases touch tolerance

The Massage is given on the floor on a futon (a mattress on the floor) over the clothes. The futon is used to reduce the height danger and the need to manage the space and to promote a close connection between the therapist and the child who receives the massage. The massage is usually supported by a visual routine.

The benefits can be better felt when massage therapy is used on a regular basis and not as a one-off event.

Technique MEBP® Explained

Therapeutic Massage For Autism

An innovative treatment available for children and adults with autism is therapeutic massage with consistent, safe, nurturing touch, and regular sensory integration.

Massage therapy can help improve relationships for children and adults with ASD. By creating a bonding experience with a massage therapist a routine is established. In turn, this may help build a relationship with their caregivers and others. Massage therapy can also help ASD children to focus in the classroom – learning to follow direction and staying on task. It may also bring full relaxation which helps to reduce anxiety and daily frustrations.

  • Can help improve relationships for children and adults with ASD
  • Help focus in the classroom
  • Relaxation and better sleep
  • Alleviating pain in legs and calves
  • Increase focus and attention