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Relaxation of the lower back while lying down

During the day, it is a question of taking the elongated position for 10 minutes with the legs elevated resting on a chair.

The goal is to relax the back muscles by focusing on the lumbar muscles for the lower back, in the hollow of the kidneys, and the trapezius muscles for the top, between the shoulders and the neck.

Stretches for for posterior muscle groups

In the supine position, the legs are extended upwards. This stretching of the posterior muscle chain requires keeping the feet bent, the toes in the direction of the face.

The buttocks should be glued to the wall. The arms are extended along the body. Finally, you have to press your pelvis and neck against the ground.

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Torso lumbar stretches while lying down

In the quadruped position, the exercise consists of bringing the thighs to the heels while exhaling deeply and lowering the shoulders as close to the ground as possible.

On the back, the body in a ball, it is necessary to keep the dorsal curve and relax the spinal muscles by keeping both knees firmly against the thorax.

Hip stretch

To stretch the hips, begin in a position lying on the back, bring the 2 knees one by one, to the chest. The arms can then pull to wrap the upper back as well.

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